D.I.M. Did It Myself

bicycle box shelving unit

First day of arrival when moving from Tamworth, nsw to Carlton, vic, I immediately transformed my bicycle box into a shelving unit, with duct tape, a stanley knife and a steel ruler i've transformed a useful box into a more useful shelf. A classic and easy example of recycling and not having to spend money on something that is endlessly useful and fully customisable.

Poncho v1

The winters in Tamworth were cold, after spending months with an exposed crack I took inspiration from the Spaghetti Western movie rabbit-hole I was in at the time and decided a poncho was the way to go, this first version was simple, two large lined squares sewn together with a gap for the head.

Poncho v2

Took it to the next level, I chose nicer fabrics, a cooler colour scheme and added the hood. This keeps me warm and comfortable and makes for a great Dungeon Masters cloak when running Dungeons and Dragons. I achieved a flow state making this one, I designed, cut and sewed it all in one day.

Bath Tub Worm Farm

My first project in learning to weld starting with Stick (Shielded Metal Arc Welding).

Where sewing and the poncho connects me to my mother and her crafts, this was a connection to my father and his crafts, and the skills that they both taught me, in research and understanding of the fundamentals of how things work.

Made from star pickets and a cast-iron bath tub i created a frame and sat the tub in it.

I am very proud of being able to have this skill and have control over the materials that surround me constantly, knowing that it is possible to manipulate them.

feat. my brother Lachlan Rodenburg who is also a very handy person.

floor desk project

When i moved to Carlton I knew I wanted to have a floor desk.

The benefits of a floor desk are being able to constantly move, change position and be comfortable in whatever pose/position I want.

The whole project was free, except for buying a $35 angle grinder I was able to gather these materials through my housemates and stuff the people throw out on the street.

I cut the metal legs short with the angle grinder and put the main desk together as normal except now is shorter.

The lower desk for keyboard and mouse came from a chair and scrap 10mm MDF, even the nails used came from the chair. A wood saw and hammer and some other nails came from a friend of housemates also.

Another great exercise in recycling, holding the means of production, and in self actualisation through control of my immediate environment.